Evan Lucas

Evan Lucas

Macro Micro – Scratching the bond market itch

It’s like an itch you just keep scratching or a B grade movie you just keep watching just because or a moth to a flame – circling endlessly. The attraction to just keep watching the US 10-year and its march to 3% is mesmerising and aggravating all at the same time. Look at this!   The possible reactions to crossing this psychological level are why it’s so captivating – will it create a market reaction similar to that of February …

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Evan Lucas

Macro Micro – Assets Wars

Asset classes, intra-markets, geographical trading – all are blurred and a touch mystified as to the state of the global economic outlook particularly in the US – it’s almost like asset classes are at war with one another. This clouded trading scenario is clouding the outlook however, I retain a strong belief that the synchronised global growth story versus low global inflation is the right view. All current blended data show that this conclusion is coming to fruition. The European …

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Evan Lucas

Macro Micro: Back to the Good O’ Bad Days

Waking up on Saturday morning and scrolling through my push notification it was like being in a time warp – headline after headline of an intraday collapse from the DOW, S&P and US markets in general – coupled with economic news that was GOOD. There was even a run of -400pts, -500pts DOW DOWN 600pts while right next to this was NFP hits 200K. Like I said it was like a time warp to 2011-2015 when ‘Good News was Bad …

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Evan Lucas

Macro Micro – RBA happy to remain ‘perched’

Markets are rapidly approaching the pinnacle point of half year. On the macro front – Thursday marks the start of a massive February as it will be the first meeting of the calendar year for most central banks – the festive season break may not have been a pleasant one for most as the USD continued to crash over the break and the bond market arched up – the ECB, RBA, BoJ – actually take your pick here all are …

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Evan Lucas

Macro Micro – Possible Bump in the Trump Bump?

Are we about to see the first ‘bump’ in the Trump Bump? News from the weekend that the US government entered its first shutdown since 2013 and the first time ever that a shutdown has occurred when one party controls the White House, House and the Senate suggests this event will be the first real headwind under the 45th Presidents term. The markets where slightly touchy last week on the prospect of a shutdown. Both the DOW and S&P see-sawed throughout …

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