What is the difference between a boutique firm like Fairmont Equities and a larger firm?

What is the difference between Fairmont Equities and a Financial Planner?

Do you do anything other than invest in Australian equities?

What does your typical client look like?

Why do you ask for a minimum amount to invest e.g. $500k

What happens once I have signed up to be a client?

Why combine Technical & Fundamental Trading Styles

Do I still have to do the trading myself

Do I still retain ownership/control of my shares and cash?

What advice do I receive

Will anyone call me if I need to be selling something?

Can I phone in to discuss some of my own ideas

What returns can I expect?

Am I locked into any contracts?

What are your fees

Are there any discounts for having a “large” portfolio or for doing “lots of trading”?

Do you trade stocks every day

What sort of reporting do I receive?

Do you have any ties to the big banks?

Who is Fairmont accountable to? E.g. ASIC? Are you audited by any authority?

If you have other questions we’re always happy to answer them. Either call us on (02) 9002 3260 or send us your question via our Contact Form here.