Portfolio Management Services

At Fairmont Equities we work with active investors who have greater than $500,000 to invest in the share market.  You get a proactive, personalised service and advice directly from me, the business owner. We are a firm of only 4 people, so you know who you are dealing with, and we get to know you. 

As we only deal in shares, we’re specialists, we’re not jacks of all trades.

We help you manage your share portfolio whether it is in your name, a company, a trust, or a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF). 

We provide advice to retail, wholesale, and institutional clients.

Every stock we recommend and trade we recommend is carefully analysed using both fundamental and technical analysis.  This means you get the best possible advice.

The number one complaint that we hear from investors is that it is easy to buy, much harder to sell.

We  do dozens of free portfolio reviews each year and almost 100% of the time there are stocks in people's portfolios which have suffered horrendous losses. What would it be like to have nipped those in the bud earlier? What would it then be like to have had that larger amount of capital put to efficient use in a good company that has actually been trending up the whole time?

Our core business is helping investors like you manage their share portfolios. Our philosophy is simple:

Find good companies, pick the best entry/exit point, let that advantage compound over time.

Being active in the market doesn't mean you trade every day. We are happy to hold stocks as long as they are going up. Why sell it? But if something is not going to go up, then you need to have a strategy to sell. Maybe this means doing a trade every couple of weeks or so. That is not being a trader. It is being smart at managing your investments. It means making the most of your share portfolio, being efficient with your hard earned capital. 

So if you’re grappling with how to get better returns from your share portfolio give us a call on (02) 9002 3260.

Alternatively, leave your details below and we'll give you a call back.