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As traders, we all want an edge. That secret sauce which will get us better returns on our money. The ability to pick the eyes out of the market. Choose the right stocks. Buy and sell at optimal points.

If you’ve been trading a while you know it’s easy to make money when times are good. However there’s still a temptation to hold onto stocks longer than you should (either on the way up or down) and lose money as a result.

But when markets are volatile, it takes real skill and possibly nerves of steel to survive and even prosper.

Remember, no matter what the conditions, someone is making or losing money. The question is which side of the equation do you fall on?

Which is why we have taken our considerable trading experience and created a free Effective Equities Trading guide which will show you how to increase your returns.

By downloading the guide, you will discover:

  • How you can achieve higher returns from your share portfolio.
  • What professional stock brokers know that you don’t.
  • How to think and act as they do.
  • The top 5 mistakes every investor makes at some point and how to avoid them.
  • Different trading approaches and why a combination of a Fundamental and Technical methodology is crucial to your success.
  • How to evaluate stocks and make the right picks short, medium and long term.

Now, theory is all very well.

I’d like to give you the opportunity to see it in action.  Because it’s only through doing and next best, watching an expert at work, can you learn.

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