I first came across Michael Gable of Fairmont Equities in Sydney on Sky News where he’s an expert contributor in financial matters, and share trading in particular.

At some stage I had some concerns about my portfolio and needed expert advice. We’re not novices in the share trading sphere. However, having an expert and outside view helps making better and less emotional decisions. Michael’s approach is very balanced the combination of fundamental and technical advice is crucial and ensures a balanced portfolio, which reduces risk and increases profit.

I’ve come to experience Michael as fastidious and very thorough. He always follows up, he’s on the ball and takes action. Michael is easy to talk to; he listens carefully and is open to new ideas.

We have traded ourselves in the past but we found that researching stocks is complex and time consuming, and decided that it was better to engage a professional to do this on our behalf and in our best interest. We like working with Michael and recommend him wholeheartedly.

Helen Scheu – Brisbane

I use my Self-Managed Superfund to invest.

The traditional model of engaging a financial planner is not something I neither believe in nor is investing in property something I want to do with my money.

I first came across Michael Gable of Fairmont Equities in Sydney on Sky TV, and liked what I saw and felt that his investment philosophy made sense to me.

Michael’s methodology which combines technical and fundamental investment strategies is a more conservative way of investing.  I believe it’s a holistic approach which is less aggressive, lower risk, more main stream investment strategy which is exactly what I’m after. Michael’s advice has really worked for me and I get value out of this relationship.

He’s proactive and there for me whenever I need to speak to him. The weekly report Michael sends out is interesting and full of valuable information. I read it with interest. However, I do my own research and reading too as I want to make well informed decisions.

I certainly feel that I made the right decision to engage Michael to help structure and grow my assets and happily recommend him to others who are interested in share trading.

Bruce Myers – Brisbane

I have been investing by myself for the last 25 years or so.  Lost and made money along the way.

The main reason I lost money was because of my innate reluctance to let go and sell which has cost me dearly. This experience made me realise that I needed guidance and a trusted adviser to help and push me along in making more rational decisions.

I’ve come to appreciate and value Michael’s disciplined, calm and methodical approach, and the results speak for themselves. Some of the results Michael has achieved for me: • Bought some stocks at $12 and sold them, because Michael told me to sell, at $16 = profit of 33.33% • Other stocks recommended by Michael yielded anywhere from 20 – 50% – I’m not sure I would have invested in these stocks without Michael’s guidance.

Because of these truly satisfactory results, I’ve pretty much handed the management of my portfolio to Michael. He confirms his trades with me before acting on them, unlike a managed fund. I trust his judgment and the results achieved are proving it.

However, as a client I have to be realistic and understand that not every transaction will make money.  However, overall, thanks to Michael’s knowledge, experience and careful consideration, I am well ahead.

I like the fact that Michael runs a small and very personalised organisation. He’s proactive, I can call him whenever I need to, he’s easy to talk to and knows his customers’ needs intimately.

Working with Michael is great, he sends out a weekly report, which contains interesting and valuable background information. I’m very happy to have chosen to work with Michael and am happy to recommend him to family and friends.

John Edwards – Sydney

 I do share trading myself and am pretty good at it.

However I also believe that there’s merit in engaging a specialist to see if their performance is better than mine. About 8 – 9 months ago I decided to engage Michael Gable of Fairmont Equities to consult to me.

His philosophy to trading is longer term and he has extensive technical analysis skills. This makes sense to me and is the reason why I’ve handed over some of my money for him to work with.

I like Michael as a person, his approach to the task and that he’s proactive.

Teresa Wilson – Sydney

I am a Farmer from Mudgee in New South Wales, and watch Michael Gable’s TV show religiously.

We started working together about 12 months or so ago. I really like Michael as a person, the way he thinks, and the stocks he recommends. They all are good quality stocks.

The weekly reports he sends out to his clients are really good and useful. They offer a great deal of background information and educate his clients as well. We speak regularly, Michael is on the ball and I appreciate this a great deal. Michael Gable is perfect for me and I’m happy to recommend him to others.

Michael Burnicle – Mudgee

I’ve only been working with Michael Gable of Fairmont Equities for 5 months or so.

However I’m happy to talk about Michael as an advisor and strategist in the share trading field. Both fundamentals and technical aspects of trading are well covered by Michael.

His approach is balanced and the timings are good. Michael is a stable and level headed person who’s proactive and constantly on the lookout for opportunities to increase his clients’ wealth.

He’s honest and has never pushed me into something I don’t want to buy into.  Nor does he make trades for the sake of them – just to make commissions. Michael’s recommendations are sound and well researched, he’s chosen and recommended some good shares for my portfolio. I get Michael’s weekly report, which

I find very useful and very educational too. If you consider engaging an advisor in the share trading field, I suggest you should give Michael a go.

Tim Moore – Melbourne

I have known about Michael Gable’s abilities for at least 2-3 years, when I saw him on the TV business shows. I was with another advisor at Novus Capital who left for personal reasons and transferred my small portfolio to his colleague, Michael, whom I already knew from the business show.

I was pleased it was Michael as I had seen him several times on shows and respected his judgement on stocks. I have found Michael to be courteous, honest, diligent and he has the ability to read charts, as well as give you the fundamentals on a stock, so you get the best of both worlds. He always takes my call and takes the time to answer my questions.

I recently referred a client to him on a short term basis and Michael achieved a higher return for him than what he currently earned from bank interest. I am pleased the way Michael and I work together and recently increased the funds I have under his management.

Ezy Elias – Sydney

Since investing with Fairmont Equities, we have been very happy with the professional advice and attitude in the hands on approach to managing and protecting our equity portfolio.

Greg from NSW

Michael Gable has been an occasional contributor to the WEALTH section of The Australian newspaper and his columns on charting have been well received. His key skill is in making what can sometimes seem like a black art into copy that is comprehensible to the normal reader. That’s a surprisingly rare skill among experts such as Michael.

Andrew Main, Wealth Editor, The Australian