Why Use Us

We are privately owned, we are not part of a big bank or large organisation. The company is owned 100% by Michael Gable. There is no hidden agenda, we act in your best interest. We don’t cross-sell any products, and we don’t overtrade each day to meet unrealistic targets.

Although we produce our own research, we are free to use and reference other research in the market place. We aggregate other research and avoid confirmation bias.

We are a small firm of 4 people. You have a close relationship with us and we get to know you very well.

You deal with senior people. Michael Gable and Gordon Anderson have combined nearly 40 years’ experience in financial services (find out more). In other firms you often deal with a sales manager or account manager. In the big organisations, you don’t deal with the decision makers, or the owner, or even the people that actually trade day to day. With Fairmont Equities, you don’t get bounced around from one intern or graduate to another. You get the service that you deserve.

We strive for transparency and we tell the truth.  We wouldn’t be doing our job if we don’t tell you what we really think, instead of toeing the company line. Most people won’t tell you the truth about what is happening with companies and the market but we will.

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