In Practice

How does it all work in practice?

We open a broking account for you. We can then transfer in your HIN or some select shares, whatever you prefer. The key point is that the account is in your name. It’s not in our name, it’s not a nominee account, shares are CHESS registered to you or your entity.

We also help you open a Macquarie CMA in the name of you or your entity to settle your trades. This is where you can deposit any cash for investing. However you can choose to bypass this and use your own bank account.

We will send you login details so you can access your account.

We’ll discuss your strategy and what you are trying to achieve.

We will give you advice on what you might initially have to do with your existing shares and if you should be investing in anything that is new.

Over time, if we see an opportunity to buy something, or believe that you need to be selling something, then we will contact you via phone or email.

If you agree with our advice, then we can act on it for you by trading in or out of a position.

If you don’t agree with our advice, then you can ignore that recommendation.

We will contact you regularly to keep you up to date with our views on the market and your portfolio

You can contact us at any time to discuss your own ideas.

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