Is this you

You are a private or wholesale investor with an Australian Equities Share Portfolio of at least $100,000 and would like to ​maximise your share trading results.

At Fairmont Equities we work with people just like you multiply their wealth through investing in the Australian Stock market.

You “get” the value of dealing with a professional and are willing to get advice and delegate management of your portfolio to a trusted advisor. You want independent, ethical advice that from an advisor who doesn’t push you into “trades” just to make money on the transaction.

As a specialist and sought after Equities advisor who regularly contributes to the Sky News Business Channel, CNBC and consistently features in major publications like the Australian Financial Review, the ASX investor update, FN Arena and the Finance News Network, I work alongside you, giving you the benefit of these skills.

My team and I proactively advise you on what to hold, when to buy, and most importantly, when to sell.

Our specialty is in the timing of when to enter or exit a particular investment.

Which of these apply to you?

  • You have a SMSF and would like help increasing returns from your portfolio.
  • You are a long term investor looking to protect your portfolio during volatile times.
  • You’re time poor and don’t have time to keep on top of each movement.
  • You want professional help timing entry and exit points.
  • You’re already a successful trader who could benefit from our fundamental and technical equities analysis.
  • You’re looking for a proactive broker who gives you timely advice.
  • You’re a wholesale and Sophisticated Investor (S708) who’s looking to move to the next level.

If so, our focus is on helping you find quality companies to invest in.

We do this by using fundamental analysis and then applying technical analysis as well to ensure you achieve the best entry or exit point. For an extra level of sophistication, we can help you in the use of options to short stocks and protect your capital.

At Fairmont Equities, we regularly monitor your positions, and are proactive in informing you if action needs to be taken.

As a private client, you are not a number on a database. Whether you are new to the share market, or have decades of experience, we will provide you with the highest level of service. Private clients receive access to our unique research, and the ability to discuss your portfolio over the phone.

We can also provide one-off share sales for individuals with SRN holdings, or solicitors who wish to liquidate holdings for deceased estates or companies in administration.

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