Is this you

Our clients are private or wholesale investors with an Australian Equities Share Portfolio of at least $500,000 who would like to maximise their share trading results.

You are a long term investor who wants to build and secure your wealth but you are not an investment expert. You are looking to protect your portfolio during volatile times.  Therefore you can’t afford to rebuild if you make a mistake.

You want to maximise your returns and minimise your losses but can’t dedicate as much time to the share market as a professional.

You enjoy working with the stock market and want to be involved in the decisions to buy/hold/sell.  However you’re time poor and can’t keep up with each movement of the market in real time. 

You are not an expert and you want proactive advice. You want  an expert advisor who calls and makes recommendations in a timely manner.

Alternatively, you are already a successful trader who could benefit from our fundamental and technical equities analysis.

Or you are a wholesale and Sophisticated Investor (S708) who’s looking to move to the next level.

Who can we help best?

  • You understand that investing is for the long term.  We don’t work with speculators or day traders.  We employ solid, risk managed trading strategies.
  • You “get” the value of dealing with a professional and are willing to get advice and delegate management of your portfolio to a trusted advisor. You want independent, ethical advice that from an advisor who doesn’t push you into “trades” just to make money on the transaction.
  • You understand and accept that investing in the stock market is a professional activity.  You have to give it due attention and not treat it like a hobby.
  • You want to achieve growth while minimising downside risks.  There is no point chasing a losing stock on the way down to lower your entry price. This is what many financial advisers recommend – and they are wrong to do so.
  • You understand that while dividends are important for income, no amount of dividend will replace major capital value loss.  Investing mainly in shares like Telstra appear to be good income generator.  But as their capital value continues to fall, you’ll lose overall wealth in the long term as dividends will not make this value back. Our wealth building strategies balance capital growth with dividends.  
  • You cut your losses early and let profits run.  For example, momentum can carry a share price well beyond where you would expect it to go. Many complaints we hear from retail investors is that they don’t know when to sell. They often hold on to something that is going the wrong way. Not only that, but they cut their best investments far too early. Until the uptrend is over, until there has been some fundamental change in the company, most of your profits are made by letting your winners run as far as you can. When you understand this, you will improve your returns.

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