Evan Lucas

Evan Lucas

Macro-Micro: A Deluge, A Bank and the SoMP

Huge week of Macro and Micro data – three central banks, PMIs from all point of the world, GDP prelims, manufacturing data construction data etc. etc. etc. However, need to point out that Australia actually has the data to watch both from a Macro perspective and a Micro one this week. Macro Stuff: Tuesday – RBA Meeting Although the majority of the country will be tuned into an event at 3pm AEDT (for what it’s worth – money is on …

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Evan Lucas

Macro-Micro: inflation mystique & Bank set up

The macro data this week is basically all international – CPI being the key to everything there and will produce inferred and trade implications. There is a clear mystique to the inflation spiral the globe finds itself in. On the micro front – Bank: Buy the rumour, Sell the fact set up is playing out faster than expected. Macro stuff: Inflation, (dis)inflation or deflation? Europe and the US enter the CPI story this week both releasing inflation type byTuesday night …

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Evan Lucas

Macro-Micro: Market life certainties: Banks (earnings) and Inflation (or not)

Big macro data piece for Australia this week – The RBA’s number one mandate is to maintain core inflation between 2% and 3%. Therefore, Wednesday’s CPI release will provide backing to the thesis that the RBA is out of the market for the foreseeable future as Australia’s CPI remains well below the target band. To give the colour needed to understand why the RBA is unlikely to shift rates in the foreseeable future let’s look at past performance. The chart …

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Evan Lucas

Macro-Micro: 3 things to watch this week – 16 Oct 2017

In terms of activity, the last two weeks have been rather ‘beige’ in my opinion – plenty point out that the US is making new record highs across their major three indices, that the ASX hit a four-month high and is threatening to break out to the up side while volatility high yearly lows and is bordering on ‘extreme’ complacency –  all true. But beige markets are tough markets making the last two weeks a little ‘annoying’. Several things to cover …

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