Share tips – 18 April 2017

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Buy recommendations

During the last few months WHC formed a symmetrical triangle on the chart as the stock consolidated the big move from 2016. With the stock recently closing above $3 on higher volume, we have now seen the stock breakout from this triangular consolidation. This breakout means that WHC should now rally to at least the mid $3’s. Traders should place a stop just under the breakout zone.

From the end of 2013 to early 2016, AUB corrected against the long term uptrend, falling from nearly $13 to about $8. It then broke that short term downtrend in May last year and started trending higher again. During the last part of 2016 and early 2017, we can see it taking a breather, forming a symmetrical triangle. The last few weeks has seen it break out of this on good volume and we expect AUB to now head to a new high.

Hold recommendations

After their February results, GTY formed a bullish engulfing candle on a weekly candlestick chart, signifying a possible reversal of the downtrend. Since then, the stock has traded in the top half of this candle – which is also a bullish sign. With the stock now breaking above resistance at $2.15, we should now expect a quick move to at least $2.30. If it can clear that then it should be able to meander back up towards strong resistance near $2.70.

While FLT may have some structural problems, the market at the moment seems happy to push it higher. It appears to have broken above a falling wedge on good volume. It should now at least head to the base of the wedge which is near $34 in the short term. At this point we would consider moving FLT to a sell recommendations.

Sell recommendations

We recently saw DWS break under support near $1.55 on increased volumes. It should now continue to trade lower here, with support coming in near $1.45. If that cannot hold, then we expect it to fall towards $1.35.

HVN recently broke some obvious trendline support and with uncertainty around their financials, the market is going to find it tough to buy into. We can see support near $3.75 and favour a drop into that region. If that level cannot hold then we can see levels potentially as low as $3.20.


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