6 Different Investment Strategies

There are many different investment strategies available to investors. The selection of the strategies should take into account the level of risk the investor is willing to take on, the investment time horizon, and the life circumstances of the investors. For instance, an investor who is retired will need income to fund their living expenses whereas a young investor who is still working can engage in more risk as retirement is still a long way off. See below six different …

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Top 5 portfolio strategies

There are different types of strategies that investors can apply to their share portfolio. These are the 5 most common: 1.Growth Portfolio This strategy is appropriate for investors with varying risk profiles, where the levels of growth can be adjusted to the individual. Stocks selected for this portfolio often have a high beta. This means that they move more than the market. These types of stocks can generate a higher return than the market but can also generate a higher …

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Possible strategies for a volatile market

Australian share markets have recently seen a spike in volatility due to fears over Coronavirus. No-one knows exactly how it can play out from here. Outside of complicated hedging strategies, there are some basic actions that the average investor can take to minimise their downside until the dust settles. 1.Get in to Cash When the stock breaks its uptrend and becomes volatile, it can be best to move a portion of your portfolio in cash.  We wrote an article recently …

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