Important Financial Ratios

Each Tuesday we produce a research document called “The Dynamic Investor” where we analyse various stocks fundamentally as well as technically. Each stock which is covered also has 5 fundamental metrics. Whilst there are many other important metrics that investors need to understand, these 5 are a good starting point. In this article we explain what each metric means and why they are important when analysing stocks. Market Cap A market cap (“market capitalisation” in full) of a stock is …

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How do you know a stock is expensive? Part 1

Often in the financial media, a talking head or analyst will dismiss a stock as being “too expensive”. Yet often these expensive stocks are the ones that produce the best returns over time. So what does it actually mean when someone states that a stock is too expensive? The P/E ratio One of the methods investors use to evaluate a stock price is to calculate its price to earnings (P/E) ratio. This ratio compares the stock price against its per-share …

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