“Your Stock Request” – 2 November 2017

“Your Stock Request” is a weekly video where we analyse stocks as requested by you! Email us at with your stock request. Limit of one per person, no guarantee of a mention. This week’s stocks: (ASX: TPM), (ASX: MLX), (ASX: SUN), (ASX: WPL), (ASX: HVN) Michael Gable is managing director of Fairmont Equities. Sign up to our newsletter. It comes out every week and its free! You can leave your email with us via the form on the right-hand …

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An Introduction to Fibonacci Retracements

Who was Fibonacci? Guglielmo Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician born in Pisa, Italy in 1175AD who introduced the Fibonacci numbers. He has been hailed as the greatest European mathematician of the middle ages. When Fibonacci was young, he travelled with his father who was a merchant through the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa. It was during his travels that he met with many other merchants and learnt the Hindu-Arabic numeric system. He published his first book titled “Liber Abaci” and …

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