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Equities Investors, I will help you...

​Maximise Your Returns 

while Protecting Your Capital

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Our approach is to maximise the returns on your

share portfolio for a given level of risk

  • We invest in quality stocks that build your capital
  • Deliver consistent returns
  • We use technical analysis to pick our entry and exit points
  • A reputable adviser with a boutique firm

How We Help You Improve Your Investment Returns

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In Depth Research

Our proprietary research combines fundamental and technical analysis so you maximise your returns 

Portfolio Management

For time poor investors, we proactively and professionally manage your portfolio.

our results speak for themselves

+16% return

In the two years this client has been with us, his balance has grown from $533,000 to $630,000 after fees.

This represents a positive return of 16% compared to the ASX200 returning a negative 3% in that same period of time.

+13% return 

A successful business owner asked us to manage his entire $1,860,000 portfolio.

Over time we’ve been able to achieve a positive 13% return on his behalf, in particular given that the ASX 200, in the same period, returned a negative of 3%.

Streamlining led to 11% growth

A busy business owner lost significant capital by not paying attention to the market.

We executed a strategy streamlining his SMSF and personal accounts leading to 10% growth in his SMSF and 11% in his personal account

Receive our free weekly tips and strategies to your inbox each week

BONUS: Sign up now to download our 21 page Trading Guide.

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