Weekly Research Reports

Trading by gut feelings is generally a quick way to go broke! All profitable Equities Traders rely on cutting edge research to determine what to buy, sell and hold. At Fairmont Equities, our research goes beyond everything else in the marketplace because it combines the following:

  • Fundamental analysis of companies and sectors
  • A technical view of our recommendations so investors know when to buy and sell
  • A charting section for those looking for a trading opportunity
  • A consideration of our competitor’s recommendations

Together with your own analysis you’ll now be in a position to make the best possible decisions. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our testimonials from successful trading clients. Then give our research a fair go by accessing a free 8 week trial valued at $158.

Each week you’ll receive our comprehensive report on what to buy, sell or hold and our reasons for doing so. Whether you take action or not it’s an education in itself. After the trial you’ll have the option to continue for $79 per month. There is no obligation, and no credit card is required for the trial.

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