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If you’re frustrated watching the stock market go up or down while you miss out on opportunities to buy or sell at exactly the right time to maximise your profits, you’ve come to the right place.

You’ve invested in top index stocks knowing you’ll get reasonable returns in a stable market.

But markets inevitably go through volatile phases and frankly that’s where smart, well informed investors actually make their money.  By investing against the cycle, actively managing their wealth.

Which is where we can help.

If you’ve built up a level of wealth and now want to maximise your returns by consistently beating the index, but don’t have either the skill or time to manage your portfolio on a daily basis, we offer a range of services from stock tips to a fully managed service.

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Using a proven combination of Fundamental & Technical Analysis, we’ll demonstrate how we actively invest in  the markets. You’ll watch over our shoulders as we make decisions, often contrary to conventional wisdom.

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Michael’s methodology which combines technical and fundamental investment strategies is a more conservative way of investing.  I believe it’s a holistic approach which is less aggressive, lower risk, more main stream investment strategy which is exactly what I’m after.

Michael’s advice has really worked for me and I get value out of this relationship.

He’s proactive and there for me whenever I need to speak to him. The weekly report Michael sends out is interesting and full of valuable information. ​

Bruce Myers – Brisbane


I’ve come to appreciate and value Michael’s disciplined, calm and methodical approach, and the results speak for themselves. Some of the results Michael has achieved for me: 

Because of these truly satisfactory results, I’ve pretty much handed the management of my portfolio to Michael. He confirms his trades with me before acting on them, unlike a managed fund. I trust his judgment and the results achieved are proving it.

John Edwards – Sydney


Michael Gable has been an occasional contributor to the WEALTH section of The Australian newspaper and his columns on charting have been well received. His key skill is in making what can sometimes seem like a black art into copy that is comprehensible to the normal reader. That’s a surprisingly rare skill among experts such as Michael.

Andrew Main, Wealth Editor, The Australian

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