What is a market index?

There are different market indexes used all over the world and in this article we discuss the different market indexes used in different stocks markets and we also examine why a market index is used. Definition A market index reflects a portfolio of securities to represent a certain sector of the stock market. Reasons why market indexes are used Market indexes can be used as a benchmark so when a fund manager or adviser is managing money, they can refer …

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ALQ share price should continue to climb

We recently analysed ALS Ltd (ASX:ALQ) after the Company issued a trading update to determine if there could be more upside in the share price. Whilst the trading update mostly referred to strong operating conditions in the 3rd and 4th quarter of the now-completed 2021 financial year (FY21), it still has important implications for the outlook for the key Life Sciences and Commodities divisions. About ALS Ltd ALS Ltd (ALQ) is a leading testing, inspection, certification and verification company. They …

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Video: SYD shares are worth watching

Michael Gable is an expert guest commentator for the Finance News Network, presenting “Stock Watch” each week – covering stock tips and shares on the Australian market (ASX). This video is dated 3 May 2021.  Shares covered: (ASX:SYD), (ASX:WEB), (ASX:ORG), (ASX:KGN) Click on the image below to access the video on the FNN site: Current share prices available here. You can learn more about technical analysis in this article.  An 8-week FREE TRIAL to The Dynamic Investor can be found HERE.   …

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“Your Stock Request” – 29 April 2021

“Your Stock Request” is a weekly video where we analyse share price charts for stocks on the Australian market (ASX) as requested by you! Email us at with your stock request. Limit of one per person, no guarantee of a mention. This week’s stock request: (ASX:S32), (ASX:3DP), (ASX:NIC), (ASX:MCR), (ASX:NTD) Michael Gable is managing director of Fairmont Equities.   Latest prices available on the ASX website. You can learn more about technical analysis in this article.  An 8-week FREE …

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Top 5 portfolio strategies

There are different types of strategies that investors can apply to their share portfolio. These are the 5 most common: 1.Growth Portfolio This strategy is appropriate for investors with varying risk profiles, where the levels of growth can be adjusted to the individual. Stocks selected for this portfolio often have a high beta. This means that they move more than the market. These types of stocks can generate a higher return than the market but can also generate a higher …

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