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Are you missing out on the returns you could be achieving from the
Australian Stock market?

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching the stock market go up or down while you miss out on opportunities to buy or sell at exactly the right time to maximise your profits.

You know you could park your money in the top index stocks, but realise that the index grows slowly.

You realise it’s easy to make money when times are good. But when markets are volatile, it takes substantial skill and an ability to remove emotion from the equation in order to survive and even prosper.

You have built up a level of wealth and now want to maximise your returns by consistently beating the index, but don’t have either the skill or time to manage your portfolio on a daily basis.

Ready for an entirely new approach?

Start by putting us to the test.

Over the next 8 weeks we’ll send you our professionally researched Weekly Stock Trading Report.  This is the same research we base all our trading decisions on for our clients’ portfolios.

When You’re Ready To Maximise Your Trading Returns

At Fairmont Equities we work with people just like you multiply their wealth through investing in the Australian Stock market.

You “get” the value of dealing with a professional and are willing to get advice and delegate management of your portfolio to a trusted advisor. You want independent, ethical advice that from an advisor who doesn’t push you into “trades” just to make money on the transaction.

As a specialist and sought after Equities advisor who regularly contributes to the Sky News Business Channel, CNBC and consistently features in major publications like the Australian Financial Review, the ASX investor update, FN Arena and the Finance News Network, I work alongside you, giving you the benefit of these skills.

My team and I proactively advise you on what to hold, when to buy, and most importantly, when to sell.

Our specialty is in the timing of when to enter or exit a particular investment.

How do we do this?

We start by analysing the fundamental strengths of a company.  Is it solid, making a healthy profit as well as its longer term future.  We then use a Technical Analysis approach which seeks to identify market sentiment and price action to give us the best entry and exit points should we decide to act.

This means we can break free of the amateur and often dangerously short sighted view of a fluctuating market.

Whether you’re just starting on your equities trading journey, or are an intermediate or highly experienced trader, we have service offerings which will help you get better returns – ranging from free portfolio reviews and free research trials, to our complete portfolio service.

You can read about these on our site as well as testimonials from our satisfied clients.

How can we help you?

Weekly Research Reports

Improve your trading results by continuing to access our comprehensive weekly research reports.

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Free Portfolio Review

We’ll review your portfolio and give you suggestions as to where you can improve so you meet your financial goals.

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Portfolio Management

You want to maximise your returns and would like us to proactively and professionally manage your portfolio.

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