Improving Your SMSF Returns

Are you happy with the way your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is performing?

You probably started your SMSF because you wanted more control over your investment decisions and have the ability to diversify into direct shares, property and cash. But are you getting the best possible returns? As of June 2015 Australian SMSFs held 31.7% of their assets in Direct Shares, 26.7% in Cash and Term Deposits and 15% in Property. While Australians have traditionally had a love affair with property, if you haven’t considered investing in the Australian Share Market, read on. Taken over the last 10 years shares have outperformed property even in hot markets.  And if you take into account gearing and marginal tax rates, the gap is even wider as this graph from Russell Investments shows. Russell - Gross Returns Full The graph also highlights how a SMSF with its favourable tax implications significantly increases the percentage returns from Australian Shares (7.6% vs 6.2% for Property). Given this, as an investor it makes sense to increase the percentage of equities in your portfolio. At Fairmont Equities we help Australians improve their returns when investing in the local stock market. Our clients are investors with an Australian equities portfolio of at least $100,000. If any of these apply to you, we can help you improve your results.

  • You have a SMSF and would like help increasing returns from your portfolio.
  • You are a long term investor looking to protect your portfolio during volatile times.
  • You’re time poor and don’t have time to keep on top of each movement.
  • You want professional help timing entry and exit points.
  • You’re already a successful trader who could benefit from our fundamental and technical equities analysis.
  • You’re looking for a proactive broker who gives you timely advice.

If so, our focus is on helping you find quality companies to invest in. We do this by combining fundamental and technical analysis to ensure you achieve the best entry or exit point. For an extra level of sophistication, we can help you in the use of options to short stocks and protect your capital.

For a comprehensive description of fundamental and technical analysis click the button below and download our free trading guide where we discuss the merits of combining Fundamental Analysis and Technical Chart Analysis.

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We cater for non-professional investors.  People who have better things to do than watch the stock market every minute of every day. As such we regularly monitor your positions, and are proactive in informing you if action needs to be taken to buy or sell.

As a private client, you receive access to our unique research, and the ability to discuss your portfolio over the phone. We can also provide one-off share sales for individuals with SRN holdings, or solicitors who wish to liquidate holdings for deceased estates or companies in administration.

Why use us to manage your portfolio?

We’re a small, focused firm who only take on as many clients as we can provide comprehensive, personalised service to.  As such you’re not just a name on a database and get individual attention.

These are some of the ways we go the extra mile for our clients.

  • You do not get assigned to a random advisor. Michael Gable takes a hands on approach to each of our clients.
  • As a very successful equities trader, Michael Gable’s views have been sought after in specialist finance media including the AFR, Sky Business and CNN for several years. You get the benefit of this experience.
  • We combine both technical and fundamental analysis so you get more comprehensive advice.
  • We take into account our competitor’s research. This means that we know where we stand in relation to the rest of the market and it makes our opinion more “complete”.
  • We do not accept day-traders as clients which means we do not have “high-volume” traders taking priority over our long term investing clients.
  • Many investors have core stocks that do not get traded. Because of this, we don’t charge a Funds Under Management fee.
  • We provide research that is easy to read and makes sense.
  • We make sell recommendations just as easily as we make buy recommendations. We are not scared to say “sell”.

How We Would Work Together to Improve Your Returns

Our first step is to develop an investment strategy based on your goals and requirements. We then regularly monitor your positions and when opportunities arise, we contact you with our recommendations. If you want to proceed with this opportunity, then we will go ahead.  If not, then we don’t. 

So you remain in control of the decision making. If we believe it is time to exit a position, we will call you. Once again, you need to approve this course of action so while we manage your investments, you maintain control.

Your next Step

Download our free Trading Guide by clicking the button below.

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Then contact us on (02) 9375 0138 for a free portfolio review where we’ll go over your current situation and where you’d like to get to. I won’t hold anything back and give you my considered opinion as to how you could improve your stock position.

Here are comments from a review I recently conducted…

“Thank you so much for my portfolio advice. You have helped me a lot, I know that I have too many stocks and will reduce the amount. You have “hit the nail on the head” with me missing opportunities to sell because I have too many to watch. Thank you again so much and I will be going through my portfolio with a fine tooth comb.” – Susan Phillips

To qualify (and allow us to make sensible recommendations) you must have a portfolio of $100,000 or more.

If this is you, I strongly suggest you pick up the phone and call me on (02) 9375 0138 to book in.