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Equities Investors, I will help you...
Maximise Your Returns while

Protecting Your Capital

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"Uniquely combining both Fundamental and Technical Analysis"​​​

Our approach is to maximise the returns on your

share portfolio for a given level of risk

  • We invest in quality stocks that build your capital
  • We have a hands-on approach
  • We use technical analysis to pick our entry and exit points
  • You deal with a reputable adviser with a boutique firm 

How We Help You Improve Your Investment Returns

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In Depth Research

Our proprietary research combines fundamental and technical analysis so you maximise your returns 

Portfolio Management

For time poor investors, we proactively and professionally manage your portfolio.

What our clients say...

I like the fact that Michael runs a small and very personalised organisation. He’s proactive, I can call him whenever I need to, he’s easy to talk to and knows his customers’ needs intimately.

John Edwards

Michael’s methodology which combines technical and fundamental investment strategies is a more conservative way of investing.  I believe it’s a holistic approach which is less aggressive, lower risk, more main stream investment strategy which is exactly what I’m after.

Bruce Myers

We have be fortunate to have found Fairmont Equities and would recommend anyone looking to have someone manage their finances to seriously consider using this company. I have asked Michael for some help on stocks we hold and he has given us correct calls on all occasions. His analysis of stocks is in depth and his charting ability is better than anyone we have ever dealt with. Michael and Lauren are very professional.

Diane Partridge

Join thousands of investors who trust and rely on our investment strategies every week!

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