Why Choose Us?

We take managing your money extremely seriously.  And we put our own money where our mouths are.

As the Founder and managing director, I, Michael Gable take an active approach to investing and am very hands on.

Now while every investment firm offers…

  • Individual broking accounts for clients.
  • Access to view your account.
  • End of year statements.
  • Over the phone trading.
  • Personal advice.
  • Access to IPO’s and capital raisings.
  • Ability to make one-off SRN sales.

We go many steps further!

  • We combine both technical and fundamental analysis so you get more comprehensive advice.
  • We take into account our competitor’s research.
  • You do not get assigned to a random advisor. Michael Gable takes a hands on approach to each of our clients.
  • We do not accept day-traders as clients which means we do not have “high-volume” traders taking priority over our long term investing clients.
  • Our success is highly recognised. Because of this, Michael Gable’s views have been sought after in specialist finance media for several years.
  • Many investors have core stocks that do not get traded. Because of this, we don’t charge a Funds Under Management fee.
  • We provide research that is easy to read and makes sense.
  • We make sell recommendations just as easily as we make buy recommendations. We are not scared to say “sell”.

We understand you’re likely to talk to other investment organisations to compare services and outcomes.

So ask them…

  • Do you effectively use both fundamental and technical analysis when making your investment decisions? If not, why not?
  • Will I have access to speak to the chief investment officer at any time? If not, why not?
  • Is the person giving me advice simply an employee of the firm/bank that can leave at any time, or is he/she a major shareholder (or owner) of the firm that is in there for the long term? Do you accept anybody as a client or do you have certain criteria? Am I therefore part of a group of likeminded investors or am I potentially a second class citizen because I don’t trade a lot?

Now, the proof is always in the pudding.  So put us to the test and ask for a free portfolio review.

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