Lauren Hua

June 16, 2017

Strategies to Use in a Bear Market

Share markets have done very well in recent months. Are we reaching a top? Whatever your view, share markets will at some stage start to go down again. Most investors know the pain of seeing stock prices trend downward, whether the dotcom bust, the GFC, or any number of corrections that regularly occur each year. In hindsight, these same investors
June 7, 2017

Tax Time: What You Need to Know About Capital Gains Tax and Shares

With the end of financial year around the corner, it is worthwhile reviewing how your gains or losses are treated if you decide to sell your shares before 30 June. Most investors are aware of what to do with gains on shares that were held for only a brief period of time, but investors who have held shares for many
May 31, 2017

How a Housing Collapse Will Affect the Stock Market

There has been talk of a housing bubble for many years now. With households highly leveraged, a significant increase in interest rates or high unemployment may have dire consequences on borrowers’ ability to repay their mortgage. But if there was a housing crash, how would this affect our stock market? Firstly, we are not predicting a crash in house prices.
May 24, 2017

The Effect of Interest Rates on the Stock Market

With the Fed hiking up interest rates in the US, it is only a matter of time before interest rate rises take place in Australia. So what are the consequences of interest rate hikes and the stock market? In general, when interest rates are cut then it causes the market to go up. When the interest rates go up, the
May 12, 2017

Why Medium Term Trading is the Best Strategy

The definition of a day trader is someone who buys and sells stocks within the same trading day. Research show that 4 out of 5 people lose money day trading and only 1 in 100 do it well enough to live off the proceeds.  A day trader must live off their profits as well as risk their own capital to